Thursday, 27 February 2014

Great British Sewing Bee Tunic Top

I picked up the GBSB book for a bargain at the works and have got almost every project in their of my to-sew list. The first one I tackled was their simple tunic top as that was the one that came with a paper pattern.

The material is vintage silk that my grandma gave me last time I was visiting. It was the first time I had worked with silk and it was a bit more tricky than the cotton I'm used too. I especially struggled with the armholes as the instructions were particularly unclear. To be honest I'm still not entirely sure what I did, but it looks to have worked.

I really like the exposed zip at the back, and how it is longer at the back compared to the front.

I have a feeling it will be a very useful top paired with my skinny jeans. What do you think?

Also can you see we painted our bedroom? More on that to come soon!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Another quilt!

I'm sure everyone is over Christmas recaps by now as I'm a bit late to the part so I won't bother telling you about mine, it was lovely though. As well as all the eating and drinking I also finished another quilt, this time for a friends daughter's 2nd birthday. 

I'm not as happy with it as the one I made for my grandma's present but even so I love the bright colours, especially the beautiful blue with gold bugs. Here it is in all it's glory.

On the back I found a fantastic pink fabric with yellow elephants and I tied everything in together with yellow bias tape.

It turns out I really enjoy quilting, I love seeing all the individual squares come together into something pretty.

What do you think? Next on the list are 2 baby quilts for the 2014 arrivals, I'll need to work on making them smaller, but at least that will make them quicker and cheaper :)

Did you get up to any crafting over Christmas?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lisbon's flea Market

A couple of weekends ago we were in Lisbon visiting friends. We had a great time catching up with people we don't see very much and enjoying some warm (ish) sunshine. We had been there a few years ago so this time we didn't need to do all the tourist sites, instead we went to the beach, chatted with our friends and visited the city's flea market.

Our friends that live in Lisbon manage to find some beautiful things in the markets, but we weren't s lucky. Mainly because everything I loved was far too big to fit in our hand luggage!

But I took some pictures to share with you some of the cool things we saw. Like these awesome typewriters you could clean up for the ultimate wedding guestbook. And that gramaphone!

These beautiful tiles, you could use as coasters or make yourself a lovely Mediterranean bathroom.

But there was a lot of tat that would need a good rummage to find the gems. And that's where I struggle with flea markets, I never seem to have the time to find the bargains.

What are your opinions on flea markets? love them or hate them?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wedding pictures through the years

One of my favourite decorations at the wedding was our collection of family wedding pictures that we had on one of the tables in the entrance hall.

I loved collecting them and marvelling at how my brother can look like both my Grandads and my dad at the same time. And how young my parents looked on their wedding day! 

This weekend I finally got round to hanging them in our hall around the corner from our gallery walls along with one from our wedding.  The black frames look good against the grey but I'm not sure if they work with the gallery wall being all white. But I am cheap and don't wanna buy all new ones so we will see how these work out. 

I love it, on my way to the kitchen I have been stopping and admiring them. I love seeing how although the outfits change the looks of excitement and love are the same as I felt in May.

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Bargainous Shift Dress!

Last weekend I made a shift dress, all by myself and in a weekend!! That's pretty good for me!!You might have seen the material on Instagram when I found it for £2 in a charity shop!! What a bargain!

The pattern I used is new look 6643 which I bought from ebay. It was mostly simple to put together but I thought I was a bigger size on my bottom half so cut a larger size on the bottom which wasn't needed. So I needed to do some taking in along the side seams and made the darts bigger to give it some shape. But once I had tweaked it I am very happy with it.

Round the neckline and armholes there was more of the dreaded bias tape which I struggled so much with the sorbetto top. But this time it was easier and once it was ironed it sat well and I was happy with it.

It's a really handy dress to wear to the office and is really comfortable. The only problem is the back is a bit gapey and I don't know how to fix it? Does anybody have any ideas?

Monday, 18 November 2013

My Sorbetto top

A little while ago when I had an afternoon off work I jumped on the bandwagon and made myself a Colette Sorbetto top from some lovely dotty cotton. I finished the edges with some blue bias tape that picked up one of the colours in the dots.

Unfortunately I just don't love it. Despite adding an extra inch to the bottom at the front and almost two at the back it is too short. And I made it too small as I had just finished the ??? Dress which I had to mess about with taking it in to make it fit so went a size smaller for this one. So although I love the Colette patterns for their style and easy to follow instructions,I think my body is a different shape to the ones they make patterns for.

However I do love the fold down the middle.

And think it might be nice if I made it again in a bigger size with another few inches added to the bottom, it was so quick and easy and the pattern is free so it wasn't a waste. But this top I think I will wear as a pyjama top rather than wear it out.

Has anyone else tried a Sorbetto top? How did you find it?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My very first quilt

This autumn I set myself the project of making a quilt with all my scraps of fabric, I am going to give it to my Grandma for her Christmas and I have to say I am very proud of myself! If you follow me on Instagram (MadeInMorningside) you will have seen updates over the last few weeks. But I managed to get it finished at the weekend and here is the final product.

Before I started I spent a fair while on pinterest to work out how the hell you go about making a quilt and came across this pin which linked to a great tutorial on making your a quilt, so if your just starting out and wondering where to start I really recommend reading that.

I wanted to use scrap material instead of a precut pack, but if I was to do it again I would buy a precut pack as then they would all be the right size and same type of material, I had problems with the different material stretching differently and so making it difficult to line up the squares.

You might recognise some of the material from my bridesmaid dresses and the table runners at the wedding. The pink stripes are from anold shirt of mine, and the blue stripes an old shirt of Rodney's, the black material with daisys used to be a skirt, the white dots were used to make a sorbetto top I still need to tell you about and finally the ikat kind of print I got from a charity shop for £2 and will eventually be made into a dress. I cut the material into 5 inch squares. Then laid them out on the floor in the pattern I liked, then piled them up in order so that I could sew them together in the right order.

I then started sewing each square to each other to form the rows, then sewed the rows together for each row I ironed the seams in opposite directions. Each row was then sewn to each other and I did my best to line up the squares so they would be a neat grid (well that was the hope!). I ended up with a square made up of all my little squares.

Next step was to sew a border around the patchwork square, I picked a plain peach colour and cut it to the same width as the squares, then sewed it onto the main body of patch work. Two shorter bits on two sides and then longer sections on the two remaining sides, it's explained better here.

 Then it was time to get quilting. I laid out my backing material, which I had to sew together a wee bit to make sure it was big enough, right side down. On top of that I lay the batting and then the quilt top on top of that. I then used the special safety pins to attach it all together, making sure I smoothed as I went to get rid of any wrinkles.

Next step was the quilting which I did by machine sewing along the lines from the patchwork squares. That got a bit boring after a while but it took less time than I thought it would.

So then the final step was to add the binding, again there is a good tutorial here. I used pre-made binding to make things easier on me, I picked a purple dotty one to match the purple colours else where in the quilt.

It was a bit fiddly but came together easy enough, I was too lazy to hand sew it and hide away the thread so just wizzed round with the sewing machine to finish it off.

 So there we go, my lovely quilt. I love it and will definitely be making more, I'm thinking something colourful for a friends baby's 2nd birthday and a baby quilt for the newest addition to my extended family who is arriving in April :-)

What do you think? Have you made a quilt?  Got any suggestions for my next one?

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