Monday, 25 November 2013

A Bargainous Shift Dress!

Last weekend I made a shift dress, all by myself and in a weekend!! That's pretty good for me!!You might have seen the material on Instagram when I found it for £2 in a charity shop!! What a bargain!

The pattern I used is new look 6643 which I bought from ebay. It was mostly simple to put together but I thought I was a bigger size on my bottom half so cut a larger size on the bottom which wasn't needed. So I needed to do some taking in along the side seams and made the darts bigger to give it some shape. But once I had tweaked it I am very happy with it.

Round the neckline and armholes there was more of the dreaded bias tape which I struggled so much with the sorbetto top. But this time it was easier and once it was ironed it sat well and I was happy with it.

It's a really handy dress to wear to the office and is really comfortable. The only problem is the back is a bit gapey and I don't know how to fix it? Does anybody have any ideas?


  1. It's great, I love it! I've just made a sloppy dart on a gaping neckline before (and then sewed down the "legs" along the neckline). You don't really notice on a busy print like this, but here's a method that might work if you make the dress again:

  2. So cute! Do you think wearing a belt with the dress would help keep the back from appearing gapey?


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