Monday, 11 November 2013

Honeymoon Souvenirs

I realised recently that apart from our hammock  I hadn't told you about all the things we bought back from Central America, the biggest was a new rug for the livingroom which we hoped was bigger than the existing one. We got it from a market in Antigua, Guatemala and then Rodney carried it strapped to his rucksack for the next 4 weeks!

I really love the colours and patterns, but it isn't quite big enough either, oh well it's a nice change and it was such a bargain!

From the same market we also picked up a traditional Guatemalan mask, which is a mustard yellow and so fits with the other accent bits and bobs in the livingroom. At the moment it is sitting on our fireplace, but I think we will move it eventually.

How awesome is our new phone as well, that was a wedding gift from Rodney's cousin, I love it!

From Nicaragua we bought a wee bird with the same style painting as the mask, if you blow it to it it makes a tweeting noise. But we like it for it's fun colours and how it looks on our hallway shelves.

The next little piece was also from Nicaragua, the owner of the beautiful hotel we stayed in in Grenada worked with local women to make baskets from old newspapers, they had some really lovely things which  I was desperate to buy, but due to the lack of space we just got a little basket for my bedside table.

It's a great place to put my jewellery at the end of the day.

Lastly was a picture from a stall in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica of a toucan. The difference is it is painted on a feather. Eventually we will put it on the picture wall but we are struggling to find a frame that fits it for the time being so it is on our bookshelves in the livingroom and again the yellow works quite well.

So that's a wee round up of our honeymoon souvenirs, do you have a favourite? What do you bring back from holidays? 

You can read about other souvenirs here and here.


  1. Your souvenirs are amazing. We have nearly nothing from our travels because we need to keep luggage to a minimum and it always makes me feel a little sad that we don't have more bits and pieces. That said, we don't have a home either, so it's not like we could keep them anywhere if we did have them.

    This is such a wonderful way to remember your honeymoon.

    1. We definitely regretted packing so much because there was so much more we wanted to take home with us!! It must be horrible for you not to be able to pick stuff up as you go to remind you of all your adventures. Could you post stuff home? xox


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